How it works


  1. Select the tests you’d like to take and add them to your cart

  2. Go to Checkout

  3. Create or login to your account at checkout
    Account information (name, birthdate) needs to match your photo ID

  4. Pay for tests with any debit or credit card

  5. You will receive an email with requisition code to download your blood test requisition form.

  6. Blood test forms will be uploaded the same day as purchased unless purchased after business hours or on weekends. If purchased after business hours, on weekends or holidays they will be uploaded to your account the next business day.

  7. Print your blood test form and take to any QuestDiagnostics location. See Find a Lab to find the nearest location near you.

    You must present your blood test form
    If the tech ask for insurance or form of payment, please indicate to them to check the form again, it will say “Bill To” which refers to us. You do not need to pay or present insurance.

Important Note: You must take your form to Quest Diagnostics. If you take your form to another lab you will not receive your results. You must also go to a Quest Diagnostics shown on the site map if you wish to obtain your results.