• Can I use my insurance?
    We only accept debit or credit cards. You may be able to receive a reimbursement from your insurance provider, but that will be between you and your insurance provider. Cheaplabs.com does not accept insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.

  • Can I take my test for to LabCorp or any draw site I choose?
    No, you must take your test form to a Quest Diagnostics found on the site map here (hyperlink to find lab page). If you take your form to another lab, while they may perform the test you will be responsible for the additional cost. There are approximately 2,000 Quest Diagnostics locations in the United States.

  • Do I need an appointment?
    No, you do not need an appointment. Simply walk into the lab facility and present them your blood test form. However, you can make an appointment if you’d like.

  • Do I need to fast?
    Some test require fasting and others do not. Each test will indicate if fasting is required.

  • How long is my blood test order good for?
    Your blood test form is good for 90 days from the day it is created. Blood tests not taken within the 90 day window become void at 91 days.

  • Do you offer other tests that aren’t listed?
    Yes, we can offer most any tests and are continually adding tests to our menu page. If there is a test you need that you do not see listed, please contact us for more information.

  • How long does it take to get results?
    Results will be uploaded into your account within 3-5 business days in most cases. Some tests take longer than others.

  • Will you send my results to my physician?
    No, we will not mail, email or fax your results to your physician as this is a violation of privacy regulations. If you would like your personal physician to review your results you will need to print them and give them to your doctor.

  • Can I cancel my tests?
    You may cancel your order if it is done before you have blood drawn. If you choose to cancel your order there is a $10 cancelation credit card fee and the rest of the money is refunded to you.
    Once you have purchased a tests and you have gone to the lab there is no way to cancel the process and no refunds will be provided.

Do I need an ID?
Yes, you need to present a valid photo ID when you go to the lab and the name and birthdate must match the name and birthdate on the lab test form.